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Mon, 19 Apr 2021 11:59:43 GMT Landlords and Tenants Seek Short-Term Solutions for Commercial Leases Affected by COVID-19 - Xander Law Group Business Litigation - Bookmark2You | Social Bookmarking Xander Law are Miami business lawyers that help Florida landlords & tenants find short-term solutions for commercial leases affected by COVID-19- Mon, 19 Apr 2021 11:30:34 GMT TMI Article: WTDC evolves to serve Duty Free amp;amp; Travel Retail from its FTZ - Bookmark2You | Social Bookmarking WTDC, a Foreign Trade Zone and Logistics company specializing in inventory management for the duty free and travel retail industry, now oversees FTZ inventory management for some of the largest portfolios in the Spirits industry. When WTDC president and CEO Sean P. Gazitua first visited the... 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